I'm a front-end web developer at ResponseSource in London. I previously worked as Web and Digital Manager at CILIP.


A quick lesson in serverside web-security

1 September 2016 - Natas wargames teach the basics of serverside web-security.


Show and hide html elements with javascript

20 April 2016 - This is a simple javascript file that show and hide html elements by adding the css class “hide” or “show”. View source code on

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Global Contact Details

22 March 2016 - Global Contact Details is a WordPress plugin that provides setting fields to store and display global contact details.

St Joseph’s Church, Bolton

9 February 2016 - This website was built for St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in the parish of St Joseph in Halliwell, Bolton (Diocese of Salford).

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UK Postcode Geocoder

16 December 2015 - UK Postcode Geocoder is a Google Sheets addon to convert UK postcodes into geographic information, including latitude/longitude coordinates, country, region and constituency.

Illustration of school children under a tree

The Good Shepherd School

12 September 2015 - This website was built for a school in Western Uganda that supports children with physical, behavioural, sensory or learning impairments.

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Twitter Follower Count

19 July 2015 - This is a Google Script to get the Twitter follower numbers for selected Twitter handles in a Google Sheet. The follower numbers are outputted in a new tab of the same Google Sheet.

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Google Script snippets

16 July 2015 - A selection of simple javascript snippets and functions that I’ve used in Google Scripts.


Can browser extensions really protect your privacy?

1 June 2015 - Browser extensions are programmes that extend the functionality of web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera. Some do wonderful things (like